How to get Group Health Insurance

No matter the industry or size of the organization, if you have employees then a Group Health insurance plan could be a great way to add additional value.

Why Group Health?

  1. Many potential hires consider the new employers health insurance option before switching employers

  2. Any portion of premium paid by the business is a deduction for the company as an expense for tax purposes

  3. Owners are only responsible for 50% of employee only premium

  4. Employees premium portion can be paid with pre-tax dollars

  5. Insurance Carrier offer additional benefits to groups that are not available to individuals

  6. Premiums are typically lower then the individual market.

  7. Most accidents happen near a persons home which means they're not at work. Employees who don't have coverage take longer to come back to heal and come back to work.

How Do I Get a Quote?

To get a quote for a Group Health insurance, also know as Small Business insurance, there are two primary ways which are working with a broker or going direct to the carriers.

Working with the carrier means calling them up directly and speaking with a "Captive Agent". they usually are only going to be able to quote you on that specific product. Such as if you call a Kaiser Agent they wont be able to quote or speak with you about other insurance carriers.

If you are looking for options or currently have coverage and need more assistance then you may want to work with a broker. Broker's generally work with several carriers and cover different lines of products depending on the size. Pricing is regulated so the pricing for plans should be the same the pro here is the personal touch. Finding a good broker that you trust is key to a lasting and profitable relationship.

If you need assistance getting a quote or managing a plan contact us Here.

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